China Good quality Custom Plastic Non-Standard Injection Molded Parts for Auto & Medical Device Components

Product Description

Customized OEM high quality injection molding for automotive parts, different requirements are available.


Injection molding part is used in sensors and other plastic parts, such as electromagnetic value, automotive components, medical mechanism components.


Name: Custom Plastic Car Parts

Technology Process:

Injection molding.


Service: Custom

— Best choice for automotive compoments
— Excellent performance for assembly


1. The potential for a high level of function integration
2. Net shape manufacturing
3. Large series production in an automated process
4. Reliable sealing
5. Corrosion/chemical/moisture resistance and electrical & gas insulation ability is excellent
6. Good fatigue resistance and small deformity
7. Without volatile solvent
8. Low pressure bonding
9. CHINAMFG shrinkage
10. Strong adaptability, wide range of application

Product name OEM high quality plastic injection molding part
Process Injection & insert
Material ABS/PC/PP/PA6/PMT/PMMA, etc
Size Custom
Shape Custom
Color Black/white/grey, or custom
Insert Pin or screw Steel/cupper, etc
Drawing PDF/DWG/CAD/STEP, etc
Injection machine Vertical & horizontal injection machine with 30T-320T, 39 sets
Mold-maing Customized
Molding cavity Single or multi
Runner system hot & cold
Equipment CNC, EDM, cutting off machine,plastic machinery etc
Mold material SKD61/P20/ 718H/ S136H/ S136 hardened/ NAK80
Mold life 200,000-500,000 shots as per customers’ requirement
Free sample available
Application Various plastic injection molded parts for various industrial and automotive applications
Lead time  15-35 days for mould,plastic products according to quantity
Other 24 hours instant and comfortable customer service
Shipping status notification during delivery
Regular notification of new styles & hot selling styles

Process of injection.

Company Profile

Area:15000 square meters    Two Plants         
Business Scope: Mould design & manufactureIn/jection Molding/Epoxy Package/Stamping/Precision metal machining

GLE electronic technology Co., Ltd,is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development automobile components such as Reed switchs, Hall sensors, with Injection molding, thermosetting material housing, stamping, precision hardware processing,etc.      
With over 10 years rich experience,  we not only work closely with our clients with a focus on quality product development, but also provide customized service for satisfying different requirements.      
At GLE, we believe in our strength and believe in your creative vision, so by choosing us as your manufacturing partner, you will have a ture partnership that will see that beautiful future come to life.

–Work Shop.


Packaging & Shipping

Packing type Plastic bag/pallet/carton
Pakcing unit 50pcs or according to products
Packing unit weight According to client’s products
Lead time 7-35days

Why Choose US?
A: Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 12 hours.
B: Protection of your sales area, ideas of design and all your private information.

C: With rich experience R&D team, provide strong technical service.
D: Best quality and competitive price.

E: Plenty of advanced processing & testing equipments.


Q1: Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
A: We are manufacturer, with over 10 years rich experience.

Q2: Can I get sample from you?
A: Yes, we can provide the free samples for your testing, please contact us for free and tell us which product you need.

Q3: Do you accept customization?
A: Yes, customization is acceptable, please contact our sales staffs for consult.

Q4: Can you provide technical support?
A: Yes, we have professional R&D team, will provide strong technical support.

Q5: What is your terms of delivery?

Q6: What is your lead time?
A: Generally, it will take 35days after receiving your deposit.

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Plastic Type: Plastic
Plastic Form: Granule
Molding Method: Injection Molding
Product Name: Customized Plastic Injection Molding Parts
Size: Customized
Shape: According to Customer′s Design
US$ 2/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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China Good quality Custom Plastic Non-Standard Injection Molded Parts for Auto & Medical Device Components  China Good quality Custom Plastic Non-Standard Injection Molded Parts for Auto & Medical Device Components
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