China Standard Custom CHINAMFG Grip Rubber Parts for Motorcycle, Bike

Product Description

Rubber handle grips have high value when you take bike. It is 1 of the 3 points of contact between you and your bike.It has non-slip function . A good set of grips will offer you more control over your bike and reducing hand fatigue. Widely used for  various fields such as electronic, electrical, machinery, sports equipment, medical, stationery, furniture, bicycle, buggies and so on

Production Description

Item name Customized rubber hand grips/rubber foam handle grips/rubber non-slip handlebar grips
Material PVC,TPR, EPDM,NR,NBR,Silicone,etc
Hardness 18~90ShA
Color Black,red, green etc
Property Good toughness, high durability
Application machinery / furniture / toy / motorcycle / aviation / navigation / medical / automobile / robot / optical etc
Process Vulcanization, Molding-Die, Injection Molding
Surface treatment Burr remove,Crackless ,smooth
OEM available
Certification  ISO 9001: 2008, SGS,ROHS, REACH, FDA, etc

The feature of our rubber handle grips
1.Clear and anti slip grains
2.Soft rubber Material
3. Strong toughness and excellent elasticity
4.Not fade color and glue hand

The detail of rubber handle grips
1.Clear Anti-Slip granules
The selection of superior rubber, Manufactured by advanced machinery production
The anti-skid particles are clear and tidy;The grips feel is comfortable and the anti – slip damping effect is remarkable.
2.Thick Wall
 3.5mm rubber tube wall,have better Damping effect, more comfortable feeling
3.Excellent toughness and elasticity
 You will easily bending square anti slip grips when you press grips by hand
 Then, Immediately restore, no wrinkles left.
4.Do not fade, not glue your hand
Selection of high quality rubber material, environment protection, will not fade  color or glue your hand

The matters attention of installation to rubber handle grips
It is so easy to install when you put some water and liquid detergent.
First put some hot water on the rubber grips when you install the Large cylinder.
The Installation Steps of rubber handle grips
1.Let’s clean the handle first, then put some water on the handle,
2 Take handle grips touch water.(can be water, soap water or hot water)
3.Install gently grips on the handle

Handle grips with different property is made of different material.Such as EPDM, NR, SILICONE, PVC TPR,etc. The feature of different material is as below,

The property of CHINAMFG
Excellent weather ability, anti-aging resistance, anti-weather, anti-ozone, anti-water, anti-wearing resistance and chemical resistance. High/low temperature(~40-+120ºC) and chemical resistant,high flexibility and anti-deformation
The property of NBR
excellent resistant to oil,widely used in industrial area
The property of NR
high elasticity and good chemical strength
The property of CR
chemical,good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range
The property of SBR
shock resistance,performance well in adhesion and sealing
The property of Silicone
widest operating temperature range,performance
stably in high and low temperature,widely use in food sealing area
Excellent environment protection, no harm to human, some of silicone can be used for food and medical industry.

The property of PVC
aging/oil/wear resistant, low price and good performance,than common rubber strip
disadvantage is no good flexibility in low temperature
The property of TPV
excellent mechanical, weather proof, sealing performance
Suit for environment of high or low temperature
About us
These years, We are working on various project of customers and long term working in rubber industry. We have faith in giving your professional advice on your particular project.
At present, our market have been expanded to more than 30 countries, and still growing.
First we will get drawing or sample from our client to check their design. If there is no drawing or sample, we will ask some question about product concept and design idea.
Then according to what application environment of rubber part, we will help design drawing and what raw material is best for rubber part. OEM parts are ok for us.
 We can meet your requirement of the design and use for different shapes and material,
 And high/low temperature, foam/sponge or CHINAMFG rubber profile, fire resistance and special property of any rubber profile and molding rubber part
The advantage of our company
1.We have excellent complete production line with advanced production and test equipment
 Adding First-class technicians, so that we can  offer you the competitive price and high quality ,fast delivery time .
2.We have a special drawing design department to design the correct drawing data meeting your requirements. Then, we will use CAD or other format drawing to carry on tracking the production of tooling, sample ,mass goods. To avoid something wrong to each process. To make sure all of dimension are correct.
3.We also has special production supervision department. The engineer staff will Supervise  each process from the manufacture of tooling to the production of mass goods.
Reduce something wrong happened, finally offer you parts meeting your technology requirement.
4. All of Raw material are past quality certification,In the meantime, we will first delivery test report of rubber part when all of mass goods are finished. And make sure the quality meet your requirement, then make shipment

  • Packing and shipment
  • Four buffer is packaged with 1 plastic bag, then certain quantity of mounting are put into carton box.
  • Carton box insider rubber mounting is with packing list detail. Such as, item name, the type number of rubber mounting, quantity of rubber mounting, gross weight,net weight, dimension of carton box,etc
  • All of carton box will be put on 1 non-fumigation pallet, then all carton boxes will be wrapped by film.
  • .We have our own forwarder which has Rich experience in delivery arrangement to optimize the most economic and quickest shipping way, SEA,  AIR,  DHL, UPS ,FEDEX, TNT , etc.

The certification of our company

Why choose us?
1.Product: we specialize in rubber molding,injection and extruded rubber profile.
   And complete advanced production equipment and test equipment
2.High quality:100% of the national standard has been no product quality complaints
the materials are environmentally friendly and the technology reaches the international advanced level
3.The competitive price:we have own factory, and the price is directly from factory. In additional,perfect advanced production equipment and enough staff. So the price is the best.
4.Quantity :Small quantity is available
5.Tooling:Developing tooling according to drawing or sample, and solve all of questions
6.Package: all of package meet standard internal export package, carton outside, inside plastic bag for each part; as your requirement
7.Transport:We have our own freight forwarder which can guarantee our goods can be delivered safely and promptly by sea or air
8.Stock and delivery:Standard specification,lots of stocks, and fast delivery
10. Service:Excellent service after-sales
Common Questions

  1. What is the minimum order quantity for your rubber products?

Answer:We didn’t set the minimum order quantity,1~10pcs some client has ordered.

  1. If we can get sample of rubber product from you?

 Answer:Of course, you can. Feel free to contact me about it if you need it.

  1. Do we need to charge for customizing our own products? And if it is necessary to make tooling?

Answer: if we have the same or similar rubber part, at the same time, you satisfy it.
 Well, you don’t need to open tooling
New rubber part, you will charge tooling according to the cost of tooling.
In additional,if the cost of tooling is more than 1000 USD, we will return all of them to you in the future when purchasing order quantity reach certain quantity our company rule

  1. How long you will get sample of rubber part?

Answer: Usually it is up to complexity degree of rubber part. Usually it take 7 to 10work days.

  1. How many your company product rubber parts?

 Answer:It is up to the size of tooling and the quantity of cavity of tooling. If rubber part is more complicate and much bigger, well maybe just make few, but if rubber part is small and simple, the quantity is more than 200,000pcs.

  1. Silicone part meet environment standard?

Answer:Our silicone part are all high grade 100% pure silicone material. We can offer you certification ROHS and SGS, FDA .Many of our products are exported to European and American countries. Such as: Straw, rubber diaphragm, food mechanical rubber, etc.
1. Are you factory or trade company?
We  specialize in manufacturing rubber and plastic manufacturer, founded in 2004
2. What’s the order process?
A: Inquiry—provide us all clear requirements, such as drawing with detail technical data, or original sample
B: Quotation—official quotation sheet with all detail specifications including price terms,shipment terms,etc
C: Payment terms—100% prepaid the cost of tooling before making new sample
                T/T 30% in advanced, and the balance according to the copy of the B/L
D:Develop tooling—open the mould according to your requirement
E:Sample confirmation—send you the sample for confirmation with test report from us
F:Production—mass goods for order production
G:Shipping— by sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of package will show you.
3. What other terms of payment you use?
   PayPal, Western Union

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Usage: Agricultural, Industrial, Medical, Vehicle, Electronic, Household
Material: PVC, TPR, EPDM, Nr, NBR, Silicone, etc
Process Technology: Moldiong or Injection
Type of Enterprise: Manufacturer
OEM: Available
Certification: Reach, RoHS, FDA etc
US$ 0.5/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




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China Standard Custom CHINAMFG Grip Rubber Parts for Motorcycle, Bike  China Standard Custom CHINAMFG Grip Rubber Parts for Motorcycle, Bike
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